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Contact Us

Rides are by reservation only. Please call, text, or email to make your reservation today!

Waterton River Trail Rides Ltd.

Phone: (403) 715-4156


Hours of Operation

Mon-Sun: 8am-9pm


In Season: May - October

Off-Season: November - April

What Do We Need to Know When You Make Your Reservation?

  • # of Riders

  • Age of Kids (If Riding)

  • Desired Length of Ride

  • Desired Time

  • Lastly, please inform us if anyone in your group... (If these points do not apply to you, you need not respond to this portion)

    • Considers themselves at least an intermediate rider

    • Is pregnant (pregnant participants are strongly encouraged not to ride)

    • Has mental or physical disabilities that would affect their ability to ride.

    • Is taller than 6'3" or older than 65 years old.

    • Anything else that you feel we would need to know to prepare the right horse and tack for you.

    • Has severe allergies to anything that may be encountered on a trail ride (bees, hay fever, animals, berries, etc.)

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