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Important Information

  • What Is Your Minimum Age Restriction?
    5 years old
  • What Is Your Weight Limit?
    240 lbs or 109 kg. If someone in your party is over the weight limit in your party, you might still be able to ride. Please let us know before making the reservation and arriving. It will depend on what horses are available. Weight limits are in place for the safety of the rider, as well as for the horse and their well-being.
  • What Do You Recommend We Wear / Bring For The Ride?
    Good Pair of Shoes - Bad: flip flops/sandals, Good: sneakers, Better: shoes with a bit of a heel, Best: cowboy boots Pants or Jeans (rather than shorts) Helmet - helmets are available for use Avoid wearing clothing or hats that are not secure in the wind (long scarves, light dresses, cowboy hats, etc.) Camera or phone to take pictures! Trust us, you will want it.
  • What Time Do Your Rides Leave?
    You may book your ride for anytime of the day during our hours of operation that is still available. In other words, first reservation, first serve. Time slots and rides do fill up, so booking before the day-of is recommended. You usually have plenty of selection 2 weeks in advance. However, it is possible for reservations to be made minutes in advance depending on availability.
  • How Early Should I Be For My Scheduled Ride?
    Please arrive 30 minutes early to take care of payments, waiver signing, instruction on how to ride, and getting on horses.
  • What Does Waterton River Trail Rides Ltd Need To Know When I Make My Reservation?
    # of riders Age of children under 18 years old Desired length of ride (1-2.5 hour rides) Desired date and time Lastly, please inform us if anyone in your group... (If the following points do not apply to you, you need not respond to this portion). Answering yes to any of these points does not restrict your opportunity to ride. It is for the purpose of preparing us for your ride. Consider themselves at least an intermediate rider Is pregnant (pregnant participants are strongly encouraged not to ride) Has mental or physical disabilities that would affect their ability to ride Is older than 65 years old Anything else that you feel we would need to know, so that we prepare the right horse and tack for you.
  • What If I Have Never Ridden A Horse Before?
    95%~ of our riders are riding for their first or second time, so you are not alone. Our horses are well acquainted with beginnner riders and we will match the right horse to you.
  • Can Two People (eg. adult & child) Double Up On A Horse?
    No - due to the safety of both riders we do not allow riders to ride together on the same horse. It is considered much safer if everyone is on their own individual horse. If you are not confident with your child controlling their own horse, a lead rope can be attached to their horse in which someone will lead them on the ride. If you think your child will need to be led by a lead rope on the ride, please inform us upon making the reservation. Most children 7+ years old that have come here riding for their first time are fine without the lead rope; however, you know your child better than we do.
  • Do I Need To Wear A Helmet?
    Helmets are required to be worn by all participants under 18 years old. Helmets are strongly encouraged to be worn by all participants.
  • Can I Bring A Backpack On The Ride?
    No - due to safety reasons we do not allow riders to bring backpacks on the ride. We have a limited amount of saddle bags that you may use if needed.
  • Can I Come To Waterton River Trail Rides Without A Reservation?
    Our rides are by reservation only, but can be made minutes in advance. Please call, text, or email before arriving.
  • Terms
    Entering the premises and use of these facilities are entirely at your OWN RISK. Children must be accompanied by and under supervision of an adult at all times. Everyone must read and sign our waiver form before any activity is performed.
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