Rides & Rates

We offer a variety of scenic routes that may lead you through the shade of the trees to the wildflower gardens of the open prairies, from the refreshing Waterton river to the Elk Ridge summit. Breathtaking scenery, wild flowers, wildlife, and the common farm animals that you would find on a ranch are some of the features that you may see on your ride. Whether you choose to ride for an hour or 2.5 hours, we are confident that you will be satisfied. Don’t forget to bring your camera, you will want it! We look forward to meeting you and embarking on our horseback adventure together!

- We accept cash, credit card, debit card, & etransfer -
- Credit card payments include an additional 3% fee -
 - 10% group discounts for groups of 12+ are available -

Minimum Age: 5 years old

Maximum Weight: 240 lbs or 109 kg - (if over the weight limit, we may still have a horse for you. Let us know before arriving if someone in your party is over the weight limit)

The Sunset / Evening Ride 
Additional $10/person


The sunset ride is an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that you do not want to miss. Imagine riding into a stunning sunset over the magnificent Canadian Rockies, a pleasant cool temperature, and the greater possibility of wildlife viewings. Whether you bring family, friends, or a date, we are sure this is an experience you will not forget. The ride can depart anywhere from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, dependent upon when the sun sets and the length of the reserved ride.​ The additional $10/person is added onto whatever length of ride you reserve for.

1 Hour Ride

Ride along the pristine Waterton river, through the shade of the trees and out into the open meadows flourished with vibrant wildflowers, offering spectacular views of the Waterton river landscape that you can only see on horseback. Perhaps a highlight of the ride, if not the scenery, could be experiencing the Waterton river, in the river (water crossings are an exciting part of our rides, permitting that the river is not too high). If the river is deemed to be too high, our journey may be similar but with higher elevation gains into the rolling prairies to give us a greater view of the surrounding landscape. Whichever direction we decide to go, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

1.5 Hour Ride 



The 1.5 hour ride is undoubtedly THE MOST POPULAR RIDE. This ride is an extension of the 1 hour route along the Waterton river, but with more opportunities to enter the Waterton river on horseback. If you look up, there’s a good chance that you’ll find an eagle’s nest and a few eagles either perched on the trees or gliding above the river on this ride as well. 

If the river is deemed to be too high, our ride may take us even higher into the prairies that offer stunning views of the Waterton river horseshoe bend. Be careful not to run into an okotok (larger boulders) while you’re soaking in this scenery. These glacial erratics have been carefully placed across the neighbouring prairies to the Rocky Mountains by large glaciers thousands of years ago. Whether we go further up the Waterton river or higher into the hills, we are sure you will not be disappointed with the views on this ride.

Refer to the 1 hour ride description for more details on the 1.5 hour ride.

2 Hour Ride


Ride the 1.5 hour route along the Waterton river and then up to the top of the historic, Elk Ridge (a towering hill above the plains). Be sure to ask your guide what makes Elk Ridge so sacred and historic. This elevation gain gives a real perspective of what most visitors of Waterton are missing on their drive to Waterton Lakes National Park. This vista displays a winding Waterton river across the open prairie from the Waterton lakes, as well as the plentiful bodies of water across the open meadows. Depending on how much time is spent on the river, we may not always be able to make it all the way to the top of Elk Ridge, but we will get as close as we can if this is the case.

Refer to the previous ride descriptions for more details on the 2 hour ride.


2.5 Hour Ride


The 2.5 hour ride is the "full meal deal". Experience the Waterton river, Elk Ridge summit, the vibrant wildflower gardens of the open meadows, multiple ponds, and coulees of the prairies. 

Refer to the previous ride descriptions for more details on the 2.5 hour ride.